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ABSOLUT VICTORY. AVE RIDLEY SCOTT. This ad celebrates the victory of the movie Gladiator for winning the Best Picture Oscar at the 2001 Academy Award ceremonies. It won 5 Oscars. It
received 6 other Oscar nominations, including one for Ridley Scott in the Best Director category. This ad also celebrates the director's part in Gladiator's win, by using the sub logo paraphrasing the famous "Hail Caesar" salutation (Ave is Latin for Hail).

The ad depicts the clenched fist of a Roman Emperor (complete with the cuff of his robe and his ring) at a Coliseum match of gladiators; the shadow of the famous thumb's up is in the Absolut shape. Obviously, this ad also celebrate the victory of Absolut in its battle with other vodka brands.
Printed up the left margin of this Euro ad: TBWA, 2001 and photo by Dimitri Daniloff.
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