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Absolut Caipiroska. 
Australian Gourmet Traveler Australia Mar-02
Bravo Brazil May-02
Playboy Brazil Feb-03
Playboy Brazil Apr-02
Absolut California. Statehood
USA Today Newspaper United States 03/05/92
Absolut Cameron. 
Bomb United States Fal-88
Briza Israel Fal-98 7
Design Graphics United States #33 1998 85
Interview United States Feb-88
Maemoiselle United States Feb-88
Absolut Camoflage. 
Equinox Canada May/Jun-95
Absolut Canadiana. 
Flare Canada Sep-96
Absolut Cannibale. French Bars
Premiere France Oct-01
Absolut Capecod. 
Cape Cod Life United States Mar-96 BC
Cape Cod Life United States May-97 BC
Cape Cod Life United States May-98 BC
Cape Cod Life United States Jul-95 BC
Cape Cod Life United States Annual 96 BC
Cape Cod Life United States Sep-96 BC
Cape Cod Life United States Sep-97 BC
Cape Cod Life United States Jul-00 BC
Cape Cod Life United States Nov-95 BC
Absolut Capilano. 
Vancouver Canada Sum-96 0
Western Living United States Sep-98 43
Absolut Capitol Hill. 
Seattle Lesbian & Gay Film Festival Catalogue unknown 2001
Absolut Cares. 
American Benefactor United States Spr-97
Performing Arts United States Nov-95
Absolut Cenedella. v1
Bartender United States Sum-89
Absolut Chefs. Chefs
Toronto Life Canada May-97 24-25
Absolut Childress. p2
Southern Accents United States Sep/Oct-94
Absolut China Club. French Bars
Max France Nov-99
Premiere France May/Jun-00 188
Studio France Nov-00
Studio France Dec-99
Absolut Christmas. 
Variety United States 12/16/91 FC
Absolut Cities of the World. 
Australian Gourmet Traveler Australia Jan-02
Absolut Clark. Chefs
Vancouver Canada Sep-98 37
Absolut Classified. 
Australian Australia #26
Oyster New Zealand Apr/May-98
Time Out London United Kingdom 6/25.7/2/97
Time Out London United Kingdom 11/27.12/4/96 BC
Time Out New York United States 6/25-7/2/97
Absolut Cleveland. 
Detour United States Feb-99
Entertainment Weekly United States 1/22-29/99
Flaunt United States Aug-99
Movieline United States Feb-99
Rolling Stone United States 7/8-7/22/99 53
Rolling Stone United States 01/21/99
Sport United States Jul-99 13
Sport United States Feb-99
Sports Illustrated United States 05/17/99
Vibe United States Feb-99
Vibe United States Sep-99 149
Absolut Climate. 
Lurzer's Int'l Archive United States Vol 2 97 36-37
The Face United Kingdom Dec-96
Absolut Clind D Oeil. 
Clin D'Oeil Canada Oct-95
Clin D'Oeil Canada Nov-95
Passion France Mar-98
Absolut Clow 
Advertising Age United States 08/05/96 38
Creativity United States Jul/Aug-96
Absolut Club Monoco. Window
Toronto Life Fashion Canada Nov-95
Absolut Cobblers. 
Time Out London United Kingdom 7/8-7/15/98 IFC
Absolut Code. 
Sympatico Netlife Canada Sep/Oct-98
Sympatico Netlife Canada Jul/Aug-98
Absolut Cohen Gan. 
Wine & Gourmet Israel Jul/Aug-98 No 11 BC
Absolut Collaboration. 
Art & Antiques United States Mar-92
Absolut Collection. Paper
Que Leer Spain Nov-99
Vogue United Kingdom Oct-98
Absolut Comic. 
Downtown Spain Mar-00 16
DT Spain Mar-00
Quo Spain Feb-00
Absolut Concrete. 
Azure Canada Jun-95
Absolut Congratulations. 
Atlanta United States Jun-92
Absolut Connecticut. Statehood
USA Today Newspaper United States 04/02/92
Absolut Cooperstown. 
National Review United States 10/13/97 BC
Sports Illustrated United States 07/12/99
Sports Illustrated United States 07/13/98
Sports Illustrated United States 08/24/97
USA Today United States 11/04/97
USA Today Newspaper United States 08/01/97 24C
Absolut Copenhagen. 
Advocate United States 10/10/2000 BC
Advocate United States 12/08/98
American Heritage United States Nov-98
Art News United States Jan-99
Forbes United States 08/24/98
Harvard Business Review United States Sep/Oct-98
Travel & Leisure United States Sep-98
Travel & Leisure United States Sep-98 14
US News & World Reports United States 08/03/98
Absolut Copley. 
Bomb United States Sum-99
Absolut Cou De La Girafe. 
Max France Nov-00
Premiere France Jun-98 158
Vogue France Apr-99
Absolut Couillard. Chefs
Toronto Life Canada Sep-97 134
Absolut Countryside. Ducks
Countryside Canada Sum-93 BC
Absolut Countryside. Waterfall
Countryside Canada Fal-93 BC
Absolut Cracow. 
Scanorama Sweden Nov-98
Absolut Creation. 
I.D. United States Sep/Oct-94
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