Absolut Crazy Horse.  back
ABSOLUT CRAZY HORSE is on p. 140 of the 5/98 Premiere mag (French edition) and features a photo by Regis Fialaire. This new 1998 ad shows an Absolut shaped bottle bathed in purple light and red spotlights, surrounded by a circle of sparkles, against a black backdrop. The Lars O. Smith emblem has fallen off the bottle and is resting nearby.
Underneath the logo it says:
ABSOLUT VODKA EST VENDUE AU CRAZY HORSE, 12 AVENUE GEORGE V, PARIS 8EME apparently referring to the famous (infamous?) nightclub (strip joint) in the French capital. The purple lights, red spotlights and sparkles inside the bottle may be an attempt to recreate the inside of the club.
ABSOLUT CRAZY HORSE is also featured as a quarter-page size ad on page 192 in the 5/98 issue of Paris Vogue magazine.
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