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ABSOLUT CLEVELAND is on page 77 of the 2/99 issue of VIBE magazine.
The whole appearance of this newest Absolut Vodka, including the Absolut logo, has a '60's psychedelic look to it, with a metallic framework surrounding an Absolut shape with a nighttime view of an ocean and a moon replacing the seal of the bottle. The man-in-the-moon is Lars B. Olsen!
ABSOLUT, written in ornate, connected red letters, is across the top of the ad; CLEVELAND, written in ornate, connected blue letters, is across the bottom. It looks more like a psychedelic acid-rock poster from 1960's Haight-Ashbury or a Grateful Dead poster from the 1970's than any Absolut ad I've ever seen. This is the latest in the Absolut City Series.
The artwork is by Alton Kelley, the legendary '60's artist who created some of the well-known rock-n-roll record album covers and posters from that era; please click on Haight-Ashbury Collages by Alton Kelley. This ad is obviously an homage to Cleveland as the home of the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame.
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