Absolut Attitude. Necklace back
ABSOLUT ATTITUDE. The personification of the Absolut Bottle
continues! The bottle is presented in the traditional pose in this
Australian ad: in a white spotlight, against a black background, resting
on a reflective surface. However, in this ad, "Absolut" has a certain
air of confidence, a positive demeanor, if you will. "Absolut" has a
dozen gold and silver chains around his neck, like some people with an
attitude sometimes do. There's even a big, gaudy gold ring, with the
inscription AV, which's been place around the bottleneck. TBWA, 2002,
photo by Michel DuBois, and other typical info have been printed up the
left-hand margin.
Bottle covered in jewlery
Copyright: 2002
Grapefruit Design

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