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ABSOLUT TALLINN is on page 11 of the 3/02 issue of Scanorama, the takeaway in-flight magazine of SAS (Scandinavian Airway System) and is an ad in the ABSOLUT CITIES OF THE WORLD Series. Printed up the left margin is typical info including TBWA, ©2001 and photo by Marc Bardi & Lembit Michelson. This photo is of Lauluvaljak (song square), a huge open-air stage where Estonians have national song festivals (Üldlaulupidu - All-Estonian Song Festival) once in 4 years during summer and national youth song festivals also once in 4 years, but on different years than the big national song festivals (think of it as summer and winter olympics, when it comes to the timing - the thing is the All-Estonian Song Festivals take place on the same year as summer olympics and Youth festivals on the year of winter olympics).

And Lauluväljak was THE MOST IMPORTANT place during Estonia's "Singing Revolution" in late 80s and early 90s when Estonians reinstated independency. Huge song festivals/political meetings took place there then (legends suggesting the number of people on the ground those days being up to 300.000 (keep in mind, there are only 1.400.000 Estonians in Estonia, of which only about 900.000 are Estonians) and because of Lauluväljak their revolution became to know as "Singing Revolution".

The view is from the back of the stands, looking down to the stage; in the foreground are 4 tall flagpoles, each proudly displaying the national flag. The flags atop the 2 center poles are flying up and toward each other, forming the top of the Absolut bottle shape; the poles frame the bottle and the wisp of a cloud represents the face of Lars B. Olsen!

On Lauluvaljak

An ABSOLUT CITIES OF OF THE WORLD page on "Tallinn - Baltic Buzz" is presented on the facing page (10); it talks about the capital and largest city in Estonia, a country in northeast Europe, on the Baltic Sea. Included are reviews of 4 Tallinn establishments that serve Absolut Vodka exclusively: Egoist, Terrarium, Vodka Bar and Molly Malones. There's a small photo that's used in the Absolut Clarity ad and a cocktail recipe (Absolut Tallinn).
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