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ABSOLUT THANKS is a new ad on page E45 of the 3/5/99 issue of the New York Times newspaper, Weekend (Fine Arts Leisure) section. Above the Absolut logo are 64 lines containing the names of the 2000 famous and not so famous artists whose anonymous artwork was on display (and up for sale) at the ABSOLUT SECRET showing at the David McKee Gallery (New York City) on 12/16-19/98. The print, containing the names of the artists, has been lightened in the center in such a way as to form an Absolut shape for the height of this 1999 ad. American artists from Michael Ajerman to Robert Rahway Zakanitch, Marc Zimetbaum, Elyn Zimmerman and Susan Zises have been listed first, followed by British artists. Absolut artists Romero Britto and Ron English are included, along with names like Al Roker and William Wegman.
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