Absolut Terminus. French Bars back
ABSOLUT TERMINUS is a French ad that's part of the Parisian Bar Series. It has the traditional Absolut ad backdrop: the reflective surface, the bright spotlight and the black backdrop. However, the Absolut Vodka bottle is not centerstage; it's angled in the upper left corner with the last drop of vodka dropping into the spotlight. Terminus is defined as the final point or the end. Hence, the ad's logo! It's also the name of a bar that sells Absolut exclusively. As with European ads, BDDP/TBWA and the typical info, including ©2000 V & S Vin & Sprit AB, are printed up the left margin. Below the logo, is written: Absolut Vodka Est Vendue Au Terminus, 4 Place Jacques Froment, Paris 18EME.
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