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ABSOLUT TCHOTCHKE, previously reported here to be in the 7/98 Metropolis mag (bc), is now in a regular 8-1/2"x11" format on the inside back cover of ARTnews mag (7/98). As you know, this 1998 ad shows a porcelain knickknack featuring a handmade Absolut bottle with the words "ABSOLUT VODKA" in raised porcelain, painted in light blue; in between those words, "Country of Sweden" has been handwritten in black ink. The bottle rests on a raised porcelain base with pastel and pale yellow flowers (which also surround the emblem on the bottle's neck). There's a fawn, a rabbit and a turtle on the base. The knickknack rests on a fading embroidered doily on a tabletop.
The word tchotchke (pronounced chach'key) is an Americanism (colloquialism) meaning knickknack (a piece of bric-a-brac or small article collected as a decoration); tchotchke comes from the Yiddish word tshatshke, which comes from the Polish word czaczko meaning knickknack.
Junky looking piece of porcelein shaped as a bottle.
Copyright: 1998
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