Absolut Star. v2 back
ABSOLUT STAR is on the inside back cover of the 7/98 issue of Cinema magazine from Germany. It's the same ad as ABSOLUT GEM (copyright 1981), which was first published on page 55 of the 2/82 issue of Gourmet mag, except that the logo has been changed. This German ad shows the most traditional and most basic presentation of the Absolut Vodka bottle, with the bottle resting on a shiny flat surface, in a white spotlight against a black backdrop. Here there is a bright light on the left curve of the bottle, reflecting off rays of light like a star in the heavens. There is a smaller "star" on the upper right corner of the cap. TBWA and the normal European information runs up the left border of the ad, with copyright dates of 1983 and 1995 shown.
Grapefruit Design

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