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ABSOLUT NAUGHTY. Is this the new Xmas ad for 2002? This ad is presented in
the traditional format: Absolut Vodka bottle on a reflective surface, in a
bright spotlight against a dark background. The "exception" is that there is
no bottle !!! It's been replaced by a lump of coal !!! I guess when Santa
Claus was checking who was naughty or nice --- someone was naughty. Hence,
the lump of coal in place of a gift. I'm sure if that certain some was nice
they would have received that perfect holiday gift, a bottle of Absolut. (I
wonder if there will be an Absolut Nice ad coming out this month as the
alternate to Absolut Naughty?) The following is printed below the logo:
photo by Steve Bronstein, ©2002 and "Enjoy With Absolut Responsibility".
Lump of coal instead of bottle.
Copyright: 2002
Grapefruit Design

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