Absolut Boston. Tea back
ABSOLUT BOSTON is a new ad on the back cover of the 2/99 issue of BUSINESS 2.0 magazine. This new ad (copyright 1998) shows cases of Absolut Vodka floating in the water, with some of the cases having floated up against each other, forming an Absolut shape. I'm guessing that this ad, photographed by Steve Bronstein, is meant to commemorate the 225th aniversary of the Boston Tea Party on December 16th, 1774 when American colonists, angry with paying a high tax on tea imported from Britain, threw cases of tea off ships docked in Boston Harbor into the water. I'm calling this one ABSOLUT BOSTON (tea party). This ad was published in December 1998 in newspaper form.
Bags of tea in the water formed in the shape of a bottle.
Grapefruit Design

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